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best stock trading platform model-maker and have been constructing buildings to commission for over fifteen years. I work mostly in 4mm scale, but have made many 7mm models as well.

Various models have been published in the model railway magazines and a full list of these are on this website. I have given lectures for railway groups and have been invited to do demonstrations of my work at exhibitions, as well as tutoring a class and also a talk at the famous Pendon Model Railway Museum.

stock trading platform ‘Creating Model Buildings’ was published by Wild Swan Publications. My second book ‘More Model Buildings’ was published by my own company GT Buildings Publishing. See special offer on this second book.

A DVD of my buildings is available in the Right Track series by Activity Media.

I have been a regular operator on both the hugely successful Dewsbury Midland and Gresley Beat layouts, which have been shown around the country. Gresley Beat has also been taken to The Netherlands for a three day exhibition. Both of these layouts have many of my models and scenics on them.

best stock trading platform in the Philippines my own layout called Barmouth Junction, which is permanently installed at home. Work is still progressing on this, but it is fully operational.


Geoff Taylor



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Barmouth Junction

 Barmouth Jnct. 2

Burnden Park

 Burnden Park. 2

Dewsbury Midland

Gresley Beat

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